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23Sep, 21 September 23, 2021EV-charging points

Shell PLC is set to install an estimated 50,000 electric car charging points for Britain’s electric vehicle owners as they move towards providing green energy.

Shell, by The court in The Hague, have been ordered to dramatically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions they produce by 45% by 2030.

A Shell owned company Ubitricity aims to install the 50,000 electric car charging points by late 2025. Ubitricity, a German company was recently acquired by Shell is one of Europe’s key on-street electric vehicle charging point installers.

Shell commented: “The move is part of the wider effort to bring more electric vehicle charging availability to the millions of UK drivers without private parking and help local authorities get their charging networks up and running as quickly as possible”. Shell currently have over 3,500 charging points where electric vehicle owners can charge their electric vehicles through lamppost and bollards.